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MAGNUM sp. j.
Teresiński i Partnerzy

66-400 Gorzów Wlkp.
ul. M³yńska 4

Krzysztof Jaz
Tel. 095/ 735-88-88
fax. 095/ 735-88-95
developed property - production, commercial and service buildings

Legal status:
Perpetual usufruct by 2089, no obligations.

Development Plan:
Possible light production start up: complies with the Local Site Development Plan which includes the statement: Area of commercial service and light production function.

Immovable Property Tax:
This tax consists of 3 components:
- Building tax - 2% of the building value (squares, fences etc.)
- Land tax - 0,60 PLN/m2
- Building area tax - 14,55 PLN/m2
Exemption from immovable property tax is possible on the basis of the resolution of Town Council of Gubin of 23 May, 2002. The rate of property tax exemption depends on the number of citizens of Gubin Community, with town status, employed by the taxpayer after the date of incurring investment expenses, according to the following table:

Number of employees Rate of property tax exemption
Over 5 people 10 %
Over 10 people 30 %
Over 20 people 50 %
Over 30 people 100 %